Offering the most advanced in video surveillance systems NY TechSystems has installed and serviced Analog, Hybrid, and IP/Digital systems. Our systems are spread all across the island and scattered throughout Manhattan and stretched up as far as Westchester County. Our customers utilize the highest digital compression to maximize not only their recorded storage but also their clarity.

Supporting and maintaining legacy Analog and even Hybrid systems is something we do often. Some businesses and even homeowners don’t have the luxury of replacing the once expensive and complicated CCTV solutions currently keeping an eye over their territory. These older solutions tend to have several points of failure which makes troubleshooting not only sometimes complicated but can cause expensive repairs as well.

An IP/Digital CCTV solution is not only the newest type of camera system, but it is the most versatile and robust. In the past you might have had some of the same features that these newer systems offer; but they are offered in an all new manor which completely changes the game. With features like:

What’s not to like? After all wouldn’t you like to actually see what you’re looking at? At the time analog systems were so “clear” and “high resolution” but by today’s standards there I no competition… which would you rather have?