From this page you will be able to give remote access of your computer to the NY Techsystems support staff.

      Please Click this Link to begin the download.

Once the software is download please follow the below steps:

  1. After clicking the GREEN link the file will start to download. Depending on your browser the file will appear either at the top of the (Mozilla FireFox) or it will be down at the bottom of the Screen (Chrome and Internet Explorer) Once you have located the download you will want to click the Installation File so that you can be prompted to install the software. (see below) Once you have clicked the file you will see something like the below if you are using a Windows based machine. From here you will want to click “RUN”

  2. After clicking “RUN” as directed in step 1 – you will most likely be on a screen like the below. From here you will want to click “YES”. By clicking “YES” you agree to allow the program to make changes to your machine for the length of time that it is installed.

  3. After allowing the software to make changes to your device in step 2 – this box will pop up. Now the software is installed and a ticket has been sent to our help desk team. The representative you are on the phone with will accept the newly created support request and then attempt to access your machine.

  4. Once your technician finds your remote support request and accepts it you will be prompted to allow him or her to both view and control your machine. At this time we ask that you close or minimize any sensitive information you might have open on your screen – once you click “allow” your technician will be brought into your machine.