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Restaurant Wi-Fi and how it helps you keep your customers.

Here are NY TechSystems 5 reasons why guest restaurant WiFi is tremendously important for locations everywhere. Offering WiFi in restaurants gives you a competitive advantage in the sense of tracking customers’ behaviors and building customer loyalty. Here are the five arguments, each followed by our reasoning:......

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The Importance of a Strong Password

The use of strong passwords can slow or often defeat the various attack methods of compromising a terminal’s security.

Although many alternatives for user authentication are available today, most users log on to their computer and on to remote computers using a combination of their user name and a password typed at their keyboard. Some retailers will configure their Point of Service terminals to auto login on boot. Some retailers will allow the user to select......

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The Different Types of Emails and How We Use Them

We send a lot of email these days—at work, at home, on our phones… But do you know what all the email jargon means? Keep reading to find out more about the difference between the various ways to receive email.

Whether you use Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo mail, or email configured on your own website—there’s more to receiving email than it might seem like on the surface. Today, we’ll be focusing on some answering some of the most common stumbling blocks when it comes to setting up new email accounts and explaining the difference in clear language. For our geekier readers who already know that.....

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What is a Firewall and why are they important

According to a study by NCSA Cyber Security, only 4% of Americans say they understand firewalls "completely", while more than 44% don't understand firewalls at all - or know if they have one enabled on their PC. So for those of you who feel a little unsure - below is a brief overview of why you might need a firewall.

If your PC is connected to the Internet, you are a potential target to an array of cyber threats, such as hackers, keyloggers, and Trojans that attack through unpatched security holes. This means that if you, like most people shop and bank online, are......

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